Online Communication

Our mission is to create and implement comprehensive communication services, carefully tailored to your industry as well as company-specific objectives, to help you achieve your goals and give your organization added value.

Our experience with positioning and branding allows us to strengthen and protect corporate or individual reputations as well as create beneficial relationships with stakeholders and media outlets. We do so by working independently and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

In the process, HiLinks becomes a strategic partner, one who proposes both broad plans of action and detailed tactical maneuvers in order to reach your target audience and raise your public profile.

How do we do it:

  • By linking our communication strategies to your business model;
  • By using your specific objectives as the foundation for the overall communication goals;
  • By designing a map of stakeholders to identify your audience;
  • By defining the methods, messages, creative positioning, and specific objectives according to your needs;
  • By drawing on our demonstrated experience in defining the scope of action.

What do we do:

  • We offer a wide range of services tailor made to the specific situation, delivering complete communication solutions.
  • We provide critical support in content and format to achieve broad-based objectives.
  • We work closely with clients to shape clear and effective messages for the stakeholders.
  • We monitor the environment in which our clients work, which allows us to prevent or negotiate a crisis effectively and to take advantage of communication opportunities as they arise.
  • We help train the spokespeople who represent the client.

Online Communication

Online reputations are built on the image you project as well as on what users say about that image online.

With the wide dissemination of information through social networks around the world, it is crucial to protect online images. We design strategies for using the internet to reach out to stakeholders and get feedback on their concerns, ideas, and suggestions.

At HiLinks we manage online profiles by creating virtual meeting rooms where you and your stakeholders can dialogue in order to build and protect an image and corporate positioning.

We observe, listen to, and participate in conversations in the social media in order to support the online image and reputation of the organizations we work with, contributing to their business models.

How we do it:

  • We track when a brand is mentioned in the media and on social networks;
  • We detect needs, ideas, and new niches of business for our clients within the brands we work with;
  • We develop online communication strategies for maintaining a positive online image and connect that image with customers by taking advantage of opportunities on the web;
  • We identify the leading websites and networks appropriate for brand placement;
  • We implement internet compaigns and develop web content, platforms, and applications;
  • We administer our clients’ social networks and participate in conversations in accordance with the needs and demographics of the stakeholders.
  • We create and maintain communities on social networks.
  • We prevent and manage online crises.

Internal Communications

Internal communications consistute a vital component in carrying out a company’s mission and achieving its strategic objectives. We give your organization the communication tools necessary to create an environment of mutual trust in which employees identify with the company’s challenges and feel part of a team.

We use objective measures to evaluate the company’s current communication systems, then pinpoint and correct inconsistencies between internal communications and public messages in order to bring the total communication system into alignment.

How we do it:

  • We build a unique organizational culture;
  • We create an atmosphere of trust to enhance labor/management relations;
  • We establish or strengthen company leadership;
  • We engage staff in the company’s objectives;
  • We design effective communications in support of change management.
  • We create Corporate Social Responsibility programs in order to improve the perception of your company within the workplace.
  • We offer crisis management and assistance during emergencies.

Community Outreach

In today’s business climate, both public and private organizations are important players within their physical surroundings. Environmental policies must be a part of the total communication strategy, with the neighboring community as another important stakeholder.

At HiLinks we have the tools and methodology to get to know and build relationships within your locale. As we familiarize ourselves with the company’s neighborhood, we identify community needs that can be turned into opportunities for our clients to demonstrate an active participation.

A comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is invaluable in profiling your organization’s business ethics, standards, and reliability, as well as creating added value. Understanding surrounding communities comes into play as well in brand positioning..

How we do it:

In the first stage--the initial assessment--we ascertain the public’s perception about your organization, its projects or infrastructure, and their impact on the surroundings. Such an assessment allows us to evaluate the level of support for or disapproval of specific initiatives.

In the second stage--designing a strategy--objectives are clearly defined and a plan of action is outlined that will differentiate your organization, satisfy the community’s concerns, and buffer the organization against possible conflicts. As a result, the best possible positioning is achieved.

We help generate relationships of trust between your organization and its stakeholders, relationships that become an effective conduit for communicating your goals and garnering support, thus giving your organization added value.

We continuously monitor the action plans, which are adapted as needed to obtain the best results.

Comunicación Estratégica

consultor comunicaciones

La reputación y el posicionamiento digital se construyen sobre los deseos de una marca y aquello que las personas personas opinan y comparten sobre ella en la red.


Relaciones con la comunidad

relacion comunidad

Conversar, relacionarse y vincularse eficazmente, es parte de la estrategia de comunicaciones. Organizaciones públicas y privadas, son un actor importante en los sectores donde operan.


Manejo de Crisis

manejo de crisis

El deber de las organizaciones y empresas hoy es estar alertas y preparadas para enfrentar eventuales crisis, las que no detonarán si dicha empresa está conectada, escuchando y monitoreando constantemente su entorno y a sus públicos.


Comunicaciones Internas

comunicaciones estrategicas

Las comunicaciones internas constituyen un eje vital en el logro de sus objetivos. Apoyamos la creación o cambio cultural en la organización Creamos estrategias comunicacionales para la generación de confianzas internas.